Jan 19, 2021 | 20:#6PM EST

huh not so many customers today either. i think outside so cold taht people decided to not come. i had a trash break, i forgot my lunch so badly like i walked so fast so i can catch public bus before its too late and forgot to put my lunch box. i had to call my dad to bring it to me. my pause starts at 12:00PM til 12:30PM but since he arrived at 12:18, i havent enough time to eat and i didnt have spoon on it. i decided to get back to fuckin work at 12:30.

my bro decided to take me back home with his car today instant of walking and hurting my feet.

still the same shit, go home, get in vc. anyway good night

Jan 18, 2021 | 22:16PM EST

not expected many customers today with all these wackys snow and stuff. i was waiting for the clients for about 2 hours since i came to my job. i bought a green headphone incase my earbud get fucked over again (i bought like 3 of em and 2 of em broke :(().

oh yeah, friday i'll have to stay home since school is planning grades and stuff. when i came back home, i was playing roblox on mobile with my online friends because im a lazy piece of shit and im tired. my legs feel buggy, i couldn't walk normally for bit.

i also like to fuck up my sleeping schedule because i dont like going to future and time runs fast which its weird. idk why but who knows.

also i was listening to my phone 2020 beats dump (idk if im gonna release it soon, i like ot make music for myself sometimes).

also twitter is weird lmao.

anyway goodnight

Jan 17, 2021 | 21:44PM EST

i updated the site and things whatsoever im scared to go to my stage job for monday and thursday with my lazy ass foot. i made a song on my phone once again and its 5 minutes long. anyway enough of my stupid story shit whatever.